Peer Review

Our peer review service offers you a review of medical reports in cases where claimants have already been assessed. We review the report and provide you with an analysis suggesting specific questions to be posed to the expert, enabling you to respond and confront the medical evidence in an effective and authoritative manner.

From receipt of the medical report commissioned by the claimant’s representative, our highly experienced, medically qualified team carry out an in-depth review of the expert’s questions. We create a number of effective responses to be used in your replies to the expert and supply, electronically, the following:

  • A straightforward, concise, high quality assessment of the case for your own use.
  • A proposed letter for sending to the claimant’s solicitor (including a low ‘Part 36’ offer).
  • A list of precise ‘power’ questions to include in your response to the doctor/expert.

The Medical Services Solutions Peer Review Advantages

Our peer review service helps you deal effectively with the complex, medical issues of the claim, encouraging an early settlement.

Providing authoritative, knowledgeable medical responses show the claimants’ representatives that your company has a strong and rigorous medical expertise.

Experts appreciate that their reports will be closely scrutinised and monitored, ensuring you only use those with the best expertise. They realise they cannot produce low quality or suspect reports without being effectively challenged.

Claims handlers appreciate the value of the service as it furthers their medical knowledge, including understanding the difference between insignificant and significant psychological trauma as well as understanding medical research.

Our clients indicate that they have significantly reduced settlement on both general damages and disbursements.


Our Peer Review Process operates in three stages:-

Stage 1

Medical report requiring review sent to Medical Services Solutions.

Stage 2

Report received and added into our Case Management System. The report is checked for completeness and passed to our in-house medical team.

Stage 3

Our in–house team thoroughly review report and check references used. A letter is drafted to express views and concerns and another letter is drafted to the medical expert. Letters are then e-mailed to our client within 15 working days.

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