Piecing the Logistics Puzzle Together – Case notes

Following a major accident that occurred in the UK, our client required multiple international reports for two claimants, now living in China. Having ascertained that they were both within reasonable travel distance from Hong Kong, we identified a number of medical experts covering orthopaedics, plastic surgery, general surgery and psychology, arranging a series of back-to-back appointments and tests within a 36-hour period. This allowed the claimants to complete all of the required examinations in one visit and for the multiple reports to be produced in a highly time and cost-efficient method, without the need for a number of return visits by the claimants.

The Right Expert is the Most Valuable Resource – Case notes

In complex cases, our selection of the right expert can prove a valuable resource for customers. Our customer required medical reports for four claimants following an accident at work. To complicate matters, the claimants were based in Northern Mozambique. Through careful logistics planning we were able to arrange their transport to the Maputo to be seen by our orthopaedic expert. Whist two of the claimants were bona fide, two were, on examination, found not to have any injuries saving over €70,000 for the insurer.