Expert Panel

Our national and international medical expert panel enables us to assign the most suitable expert to each case

An Expanding Resource of Experts

Our expert panel continues to grow and now covers a broad array of disciplines with both national and global reach. This enables us to arrange local appointments for assessments and medico-legal reports wherever your clients are based.

Working with Experts

We have established protocols in place to ensure our panel of experts meet the regulatory and exacting standards required for medico-legal reports. Alongside their high calibre of medico-legal experience, our ongoing evaluation process also verifies key criteria including:

Recommending the Best

Each case is assessed by us so we can match the requisite skills and level of medical expertise to provide a thorough, independent medico-legal report for your client. We will discuss the expert selection with you to agree on suitability, the convenience of an appointment, location and dates. For complex and multitrack cases a number of assessments and experts may be involved and we manage and monitor every aspect of the case reporting.

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Providing Clinical and Service Excellence

We continue to develop our panel of experts, providing our clients with the broadest array of specialists and the highest standards of medico-legal reports, evidence and rehabilitation. Our experts are supported by our senior case management team, on hand to ensure reports and evidence meets our exacting standards.

To apply to work with Medical Services Solutions, please register your interest and we will respond with an application form:

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