Understanding the Sensitive Issues​ – Case notes

We searched extensively to select the best expert for a recent case involving gender reassignment surgery. Although we found a number of potential experts within the UK, our experience and understanding of the requirements for the medical-legal report left our search criteria short. Our dedicated team eventually identified the very best, based in Holland. Our understanding of the medical-legal process and our persistence in taking time to find the very best expert for the case has enabled us to build an enviable reputation in complex and exceptional cases.

When Time is Most Important – Case notes

Medical Services Solutions was retained on a major series of abuse cases. Our pragmatic approach was to find the right expert, which would take extensive time with each claimant to mitigate further psychological impact. Whilst the commissioning solicitor was initially keen to drive the case forward, on selection of the expert and an in-depth evaluation from ourselves, it was agreed that this would be the most prudent approach. We have handled many hundreds of medical-legal reports in this way over a four-year period.

A Global Span

We are often asked by clients to arrange international medical-legal reports. Along with the logistics planning, arranging claimant travel enabling them to be seen by our medical experts, plus the time zone differences, we have numerous success stories. We have delivered reports to clients from around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the USA and throughout Europe and Africa. In addition to general medical-legal reports, we have experience in many specialist areas such as orthopaedics, paediatrics, psychology, neuro-psychology, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Not Just a Worldwide Network of Specialists – Case notes

Medical Services Solutions were able to arrange CBT rehabilitation in Bangkok on behalf of a client. Although they lived over 3 hours away from Bangkok, through our network of contacts we were able to arrange travel for them to receive a planned series of treatment.